Fall Grants

For over 30 years, Partners in Education has funded grants to enrich education in Vashon Public Schools in the fall to be used in that academic year.

Special note about Fall 2020:

In the past, PIE has had one deadline for fall grants, at the beginning of October. Since we are entering uncharted territory this school year, we know that there will be unanticipated needs arising as the year progresses. In response to this, the PIE board is setting up to review grant proposals monthly; once in September, once in October, and once in November.

The first grant deadline is set for September 15, 2020. We have a new on-line application which we hope will make applying easier and less paper intensive. You will need to fill out your application by September 15th, and it will automatically be sent to your school principal, who will need to sign it before September 20th. The online application form can be found in the “Forms” tab on PIE’s website. Please give us feedback as to how this new grant application process works for you this year. Our goal is to be nimble and responsive to your needs.

Please visit our forms page for information on applying for a Fall PIE Grant, including evaluation criteria, tips for grant writing and the application form. Please note that PIE generally does not fund salaries, refreshments, travel (field trips DO NOT fall under this category) and furniture.