PIE Smart Dog Sponsors

Vashon Sheepdog Classic 2021 closed to the public

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Vashon Sheepdog Classic 2021 will be a handlers-only event.

The PIE Smart Dog Sponsorship program is a big fundraiser for PIE, and we will be reimagining what the program can look like this year, at a safe distance. Please stay tuned in the new year for details.

Rest assured that we will be back with even more enthusiasm in 2022! We look forward to seeing your smiling faces, matching you with your amazing handler and dog team and enjoying the magic of being all together again.

Thank you for showing your love for our communities by staying home and staying safe. And in the words of Catherine Sullivan, the executive director of the VSC, “Until then… that’ll do, that’ll do.”

Thank you to our 2019 PIE Smart Dog Sponsors!

Thank you to all of our amazing supporters—we officially sold out of sponsorships at the 2019 Vashon Sheepdog Classic! We are pleased to report that we again raised more than $11,500 toward our fall fundraising for teacher grants in the 2019-2020 school year. Thank you—you all make this our favorite event of the year.

If you missed out and are interested in being a PIE Smart Dog Sponsor in 2021 contact Jenna Riggs to be put on our contact list when the sponsorships open. Details about the 2021 program will be released winter 2021.

2022 PIE Smart Dog Sponsorships are $100 per dog and handler (partially tax-deductible), includes:

  • Two event passes to the 2022 Vashon Sheepdog Classic
  • Meet your dog and handler, have your photo taken with them
  • Your name in running list (by print deadline) and day-of posters, next to sponsored dog
  • Your name announced each time sponsored dog runs
  • Your name entered into the Smart Dog Sponsor-only Raffle for a 3 night stay* in a condo at Whistler! (*mutually agreed dates Sept/Oct/Nov 2022)
  • 5 tickets for the ever popular PIE Homemade Pie Raffle
  • Feel like an insider and cheer louder than everyone else when your dog runs!

Dave Imas and Tip with their sponsor Sue Carette

2016 Sponsorships a big success!

We had a record breaking 87 sponsors this year, raising $8,700—a fantastic start to our fundraising for fall teacher grants for the 2016-2017 school year in Vashon Public Schools.

Congrats to the winner of the 3-night stay in Whistler — Myra Willingham, who sponsored a dog in honor of her sister Diane Davis Pendergraft. We hope you have a great time at the condo!
And congrats to Nancy Bristow and Gordon Jackson — sponsors of Suzy Applegate & Dot — the high-score winners for this year’s trial!









2015 PIE Smart Dog Sponsor Sue Snepp and one of her sponsored handlers, Patrick Shannahan, get in the popular photo op before the crowds on Sunday.

2014 Smart Dog Sponsors Highlights

The high scoring winner of this year’s trials was Bill Berhow and Coal, sponsored by Karl Snepp. If you didn’t make it to this year’s event, but are curious what all the hoopla is about, check out this video featuring Bill Berhow and Coal from this year’s trial (thanks to handler Dave Imas for the video):


This year’s trials included a new Saturday night field party. It may not have been a beer laden bar, but the punk-celtic band the Bog Hoppers rocked it anyway. (Thanks to Pete Welch for the photo)

2013 Highlights
At the 2013 trials, PIE sold out of sponsorships and raised $6,100!
Congrats to our winner of the 3 night stay in Whistler—Ellisport Engineering! We are thankful to the fabulous handlers—so gracious, friendly and informative to our sponsors—you made the trials real! And our Smart Dog Sponsors are the BEST—here are just a few great moments from the 2013 trials.


The Snepp Family watched the entire weekend in the front row—up at the crack of dawn, through fog, rain, thunder and lightning, their enthusiasm made our weekend great. Top: Sponsor Karl Snepp with his handler and dog Maggi McClure and Rob, Sponsor Karen Snepp with her handler Patrick Shannahan (Vangie) and Riggs. Bottom: Sponsor Sue Snepp and her handler Laura Vishoot (Tucker), Sponsor Karen Snepp and her other handler and dog Diane Pagel and Nan.




Sponsors Colleen and Sue Carette brought their extended family to cheer on their handler and dog Dave Imas and Tip. We think they could get the “Most Giggles Per Dog” award as well.


Sponsor Ray Beard was quite the hit at the trials with his traditional wear and great cheering button. Here he is with his wife Catherine and their handler and dog Bob Hickman and CBK Ryder. Ryder was also featured on this year’s keepsake mug.

RO_Jill and Ray

And congrats to Sponsor Jim Schmidt with RO Remodeling and Construction for having the top scoring handler and dog for the entire trials—Ray Coapman and Jill! Ray and Jill made their Sunday run in the rain, lightning and thunder and according to Maggi McClure “Jill was steadfast and true.” Jim won a bottle of wine and a $50 gift certificate to the Burton Coffee Stand (thanks prize donors ACCES and Burton Coffee Stand!)

If you didn’t make it to this year’s event, but are curious what all the hoopla is about, check out this video featuring Patrick Shannahan and his dog Riggs from this year’s trial:

Patrick Shannahan & Riggs – 2013 Vashon Sheepdog Classic from Dave Imas on Vimeo.