Questions About Grants

Who may submit grant proposals?
Anyone may submit a proposal but the grant must be for the benefit of Vashon public schools and have a teacher’s approval.  PIE particularly encourages students and student groups to submit Appleford grants.
How do I submit my grant proposal?
Use our online grant forms, under “Apply for a Grant” to submit your grant proposals.
Why are grant proposals only evaluated in the fall?
Grants are typically evaluated only once a year in order to keep overhead low and to encourage proposals which have strategic impact over the entire school year. Additional grant sessions may occur on an as-needed basis. In addition, Appleford grants are available on a rolling basis.
How do I get my grant funds?
Complete a grant reimbursement form, under “Apply for a Grant” and email it, along with a copy of your receipts to:

Please be sure to fill out the form completely, including a complete address (not just the name of the school.) Don’t forget to indicate who the check should be made out to and include your receipts (or invoice if we are paying the vendor directly).

It is occasionally possible for the PIE treasurer to pay for items directly.  If you need assistance with paying for items up-front, contact PIE’s treasurer at

Where do I get the reimbursement form?
The grant reimbursement form is available on this website under the “Apply for a Grant” section.
How long will take to get the funds?
Generally, you will receive a check within 1 to 2 weeks of when you submit your request. Please remember, the PIE Treasurer is an unpaid volunteer position and sometimes the treasurer has to take care of his or her day job before having time to write checks. If you have not received a check or heard from a board member after a couple of  weeks, please let us know. If you need your reimbursement sooner, or need assistance paying for items up-front, please contact PIE’s treasurer at
When do I have to submit my reimbursement request?
Submit your grant reimbursement as soon as you purchase your materials.  For most grants, grant reimbursement forms are due by January 31st.  (This is to help ensure grant monies go to work in the classroom as early in the year as possible.)  If there are delays that prevent you from submitting your form by the deadline, you need to contact the Treasurer prior to January 31st.

An exception to the January 31st deadline is made for field trips and other experiential grants that take place at a later time.  In these cases, the reimbursement form is due ASAP following the event.

In all cases, unless special arrangements have been made well in advance, all grants must be paid out prior to the last day of school.

What if my grant has several different parts to it that take place at different times?
It is OK to submit multiple grant reimbursement forms over time. Just be sure to indicate on the form that additional forms will be forthcoming.
Since PIE is non-profit, do I still have to pay sales tax on items I purchase?
Yes, sales tax is still required. Non-profit status only means PIE doesn’t pay taxes on the money it raises but the state still gets its share of the sales tax on items we pay for. If you are ordering online or from out of state, please be sure the proper WA state sales tax is added to the bill.
What if my grant goes over or under the amount requested?
PIE realizes that it is often hard to know the exact amount of shipping, etc. in advance.  Small variances (less than $25) are generally not a problem and the Treasurer is authorized to make these adjustments to grant funds. Larger variances (more than $25) require board approval,. Please contact the PIE treasurer to get approval BEFORE spending any money in excess of your grant amount.
What if I want to change my grant after it has been approved?
Small, inconsequential changes (such as substituting one book for another or ordering from a different manufacturer because you found a better deal) are not a problem; just be sure to note the reason on your reimbursement form.

Large changes that affect the scope or content of the grant require board approval. It is not OK to make major changes to what you have requested without seeking board approval ahead of time.

What if I’m not going to be able to use my grant?
If something prevents you from using all or part of your grant, please let the Treasurer know ASAP. It may be possible for the funds from your grant to be redirected to another grant in the same year if we know early enough.
Is there anything else I need to do for my grant?
Don’t forget to submit your grant evaluation. The Grant Evaluation Form is available on this website under “Apply for a Grant” — you can print out the form or take the evaluation survey online. The board appreciates hearing about what worked well (and what didn’t). PIE is also always looking for good photos, videos and quotes to use in our brochures and promotional presentations.


The most valuable portion of the funding allows students to work in the field using real scientific equipment with real scientists. After their time at the creek or on the beach, many return to the classroom genuinely excited about their contribution to the ongoing environmental science work.

Jordan Browning

VHS Hands on Science Grant